A major U.S. hotel chain admits it has been the victim of a large scale cyber attack, the Ontario government has introduced new measures to cool the housing market, the Alberta government launches a new program to spur home renovations, a slowdown in grocery deflation should help grocery retailers and Prime Minister Trudeau responds to protectionist claims about dairy farmers from President Trump. Here are the top stories you need to know:

  1. InterContinental Hotels is the latest hotel operator to be the victim of a cyber attack with 1,200 hotel locations in the U.S. being compromised by malware. Via BNN
  2. The Ontario government has introduced a number of new measures to help make housing more affordable, including a new housing supply team and funding to build rental apartments. Via The Star
  3. Alberta has launched a new Residential Retail Products program that will offer rebates on home improvements aimed at energy efficiency. Via CTV News Calgary
  4. The pace of grocery deflation is slowing, which is good news for Canadian food and grocery retailers after the deflationary trend started last September. Via Financial Post
  5. Prime Minister Trudeau responds to criticism from President Trump about the Canadian government’s subsidies for agriculture and dairy farmers. Via CBC News

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