Forestry remains a strong sector with growing concerns in the Canadian economy, hot and dry conditions continue to cause new wildfires in British Columbia, and Canadian homebuilders are experiencing their best growth since the recession. These are the stories we’re following this week:

  1. With the surge of condo construction in major Canadian cities like Toronto and Montreal, homebuilders are experiencing their best growth pace since the recession. Via Bloomberg
  2. Over two dozen new wildfires have started in British Columbia as tinder-dry and hot conditions continue. Via CTV News
  3. Restaurants Canada voices their concerns on Canada’s potential change to the legal blood-alcohol limit, specifically how changes could harm establishments that serve alcohol. Via CBC News
  4. Forestry remains a strong sector, but with growing concerns about its place in the Canadian economy due to factors such as climate change, fires, and insects. Via The Pembroke Observer
  5. A recent online survey on Canadian mental health reports that 72% of participants say they felt their mental health issues will hurt their career potential. Via The Globe and Mail

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