Auto dealers are adapting to ongoing technology changes and consumer demands, a team of urban planners suggests a small group of commercial property owners dominate AirBnB listings, and Canadian manufacturing sales experienced its first fall in three months. These are the stories we’re following this week:

  1. One of Ontario’s largest grocery chains is accelerating its research on automation to help offset labour cost impact due to the government-proposed minimum wage increase. Via Financial Post
  2. Despite ongoing challenges and changes in the retail auto industry, industry experts say dealerships are adapting to technology changes and consumer demands. Via
  3. After three continuous months of manufacturing sales gains, the latest Statistics Canada report shows industry sales fell by 1.8 % in June. Via CBC News
  4. Access to government contracts, trade balance and the open market, and softwood lumber imports are among the many topics that will be discussed at the NAFTA negotiations. Via The Globe and Mail
  5. A new report by a team of urban planners suggests a small number of large commercial property owners are dominating Airbnb listings. Via Toronto Star

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