Walmart Canada drops its grocery pickup fee as competition in online grocery shopping continues to rise, a study reveals that some sausages contain off-label ingredients, and Canadian auto sales figures remain strong after hitting a record of 182,00 vehicles sold in July. These are the stories we’re following this week:

  1. Walmart Canada cancels its $2.97 grocery pickup fee as it braces for increasing competition in the online grocery shopping space. Via CBC News
  2. A recent study commissioned by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has found that some sausages contain horse meat and other off-label ingredients. Via CTV News
  3. Canada’s dairy industry will receive $350 million in federal funding to help producers prepare for increased competition due to the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Agreement (CETA). Via
  4. Canadian auto sales figures remain strong through July, as consumers bought a record of 182,000 vehicles last month. Via Yahoo Finance
  5. The Canadian manufacturing sector continues to grow in July as hiring activities and production orders soared; new orders and output gauge climbed to their highest points since March. Via Business News Network

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