Loblaws’ labour expenses could increase by $190 million next year due to the proposed minimum wage hike, the Canadian economy accelerated beyond economists’ forecasted figures in May, and Canadian automakers and retailers are worried as NAFTA renegotiation begins next month. These are the stories we’re following this week:

  1. The Conference Board of Canada’s latest report shows the success of Canadian automakers may be coming to an end due to NAFTA renegotiation deals. Via Canadian Manufacturing
  2. The proposed minimum wage raise in Ontario and Alberta could hike up Loblaws’ labour expenses by $190 million next year. Via Toronto Star
  3. Commercial property spaces in some Canadian cities will experience some of the lowest vacancy rates in the world by 2019. Via The Globe and Mail
  4. Canadian retailers are worried as the White House is demanding that Canada raise the value of goods American retailers can send to Canada without having to pay taxes or duties. Via CTV News
  5. The Canadian economy accelerated far more than economists’ forecasted figures in May. Future expectations of a rate hike continue to grow. Via The Toronto Star

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