The Government of Canada is investing in and promoting agricultural and food industry educational resources to schools across Canada, grocery stores are seeing less traffic in the middle aisles as demand for fresh and unprocessed food rises, and community members from Churchill, Manitoba remain optimistic as businesses worry the flooded rail line could affect tourist season. These are the top stories you should know for this week:

  1. The Government of Canada, Ministry of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada will invest in agricultural studies for schools across Canada to support a more viable agricultural industry. Via
  2. Multinationals are facing pressure as consumer demand increases for more fresh and unprocessed food, and less prepackaged goods. Via Manitoba Co-operator
  3. Businesses in Churchill, Manitoba try to stay optimistic as rail services remain closed due to a massive melt affecting a stretch of rail lines connected to their community. Via CBC Canada
  4. Even though low interest rates have been positive for auto dealers in recent years, as they encourage Canadians to take out car loans, retail jobs are disappearing and the industry is slowing in the Canadian economy. Via Global News
  5. Have you updated your mailing list? You have two weeks to do so before the new Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) come into effect on Canada Day this year. Via The Globe and Mail

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