The Federal government has released new rules governing the use of recreational drones, a huge snowstorm leaves hundreds of drivers stranded overnight in Quebec, a Canadian has been identified as one of the perpetrators in the Yahoo email hack of 2014, the increase in rural crime has some Alberta farmers responding with technology, and the city of Winnipeg has released its annual list of road conditions. Here are the top stories for the week:

  1. Safety concerns have prompted the government to issue new rules about recreational drone use near airports and other buildings. Via CTV News
  2. Quebec authorities are investigating after approximately 300 drivers outside of Montreal were stuck for hours after trucks became stuck due to a large snowstorm. Via Montreal Gazette
  3. A Canadian cybercriminal has been accused of being one of the perpetrators of the Yahoo email hack of 2014 that compromised 500 million accounts. Via National Post
  4. Farmers and residents in rural Alberta are responding to an increase in rural crime by installing more video surveillance systems. Via CBC News
  5. The City of Winnipeg has released a list of the conditions of roads in the city, with most streets listed as good condition while others are flagged for repair. Via CBC News

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