Food critics have released the definitive 2016 list of Canada’s top 100 restaurants, The Better Business Bureau has released top scams that cost consumers millions, Statistics Canada releases the GDP data for Q4 2016, a new public/private bank might be headquartered in Toronto, and the government outlines strict rules for contractors hired for provincial or federal projects.  Here are stories of the week you need to know to kick off your March:

  1. “Canada’s Best 100 Restaurants” was recently released with a new Toronto restaurant ranked #1, but Montreal continues to dominate the top 10  Via Montreal Gazette
  2. The Better Business Bureau has released a list of top scams for 2016 with the costliest scam listed as fake influences that promote products to consumers via social media Via CTV News
  3. Statistics Canada released surprising fourth quarter GDP results that showed an annual rate of growth beyond expectations, but some economists remain cautious Via The Financial Post
  4. The new Canadian infrastructure bank dedicated to funding national infrastructure projects could be head quartered in Toronto Via Business News Network
  5. Contractors hired by the government will face stricter rules following the Auditor General’s report that revealed contracting companies lied about their products Via CTV News

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