Restaurants in Toronto might have to face new regulations, the construction industry has concerns about marijuana legalization, home builders in Ontario will have a new regulator, competition among grocery stores in western provinces is heating up, and governments are investing in the Canadian auto sector. Here are the top stories to round out March.

  1. A city councillor in Toronto that introduced a motion to require restaurants to have EpiPens for customers having allergic reactions is facing pushback from the industry. Via Global News
  2. The impending legalization of marijuana has the Winnipeg Construction Association concerned about detection and safety issues. Via CTV News
  3. The Ontario government is establishing a new regulator for home builders in the province after conflict of interest concerns with Tarion Warranty Corporation. Via Financial Post
  4. Grocery store owners in Western Canada are facing price deflation due to lower consumer spending and increased competition among grocers. Via Business In Vancouver
  5. Ford Motor Company is getting a big boost with $200 million in funding announced to help create a new research & development centre in Ottawa . Via The Globe and Mail

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