The recent flooding in communities across Canada has prompted local governments to remind consumers to watch out for fraudulent contractors and renovators, the government of Quebec has made an announcement that will help home owners affected by flooding, recent data shows that traditional grocers are finding ways to compete with big box stores, President Trump has announced his intent to have NAFTA re-negotiated by the end of 2017, and Ontario’s new land development policies will impact developers. These are the stories you need to follow for the third week of May:

  1. Following the recent flooding that damaged home and businesses in many parts of Canada, governments are reminding consumers to do due diligence when hiring contractors. Via CBC
  2. In an effort to help flooding victims in the province, the Quebec government is increasing its financial assistance program. Via Montreal Gazette
  3. Industry reports show that traditional grocery stores are closing the price gap with larger ‘big-box’ competitors like Walmart and Costco. Via Global News
  4. The Trump administration has launched an effort to renegotiate NAFTA with negotiations set to begin in late August. Via Financial Post
  5. The government of Ontario has announced new anti-sprawl policies that will make it more difficult to develop on vacant land in southern Ontario. Via CBC News

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