Following the law suits about Volkswagen’s emissions tests new allegations have emerged against General Motors, continued low interest rates lead many to believe Canadian home prices won’t be dropping, the government of Quebec is responding to the recent strike by construction workers, a new early warning system will help contractors in Calgary and Edmonton is providing floor maps to residents in at-risk areas. These are the stories you need to know to round out May:

  1. A new lawsuit alleges that American car manufacturer General Motors diesel engine trucks are designed to cheat on emissions tests. Via Winnipeg Free Press
  2. According to a recent Reuters poll many respondents believe home prices in Canada will stay elevated due to continued low interest rates. Via Reuters Canada
  3. The Premier of Quebec is threatening to introduce back-to-work legislation after construction workers across the province went on strike. Via Montreal Gazette
  4. A new early warning system in Calgary that will alert construction workers and contractors about extreme weather should help prevent injuries and save lives. Via Calgary Sun
  5. According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, Edmonton is a leading the way in providing flood maps to residents that are in high risk areas. Via Edmonton Sun

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