Surety bonds may soon be required for some public projects in Ontario, Empire Co. has plans to mitigate impacts from proposed wage hikes, and the loonie could be valued at 87 cents U.S. next year. These are the stories we’re following this week:

  1. Once Bill 142 passes into law, Ontario public sector construction projects above a certain dollar amount will require surety bonds written by licensed insurers. Via Canadian Underwriter
  2. Ontario’s thriving food-making businesses are experiencing challenges as labour demands have drastically increased in recent years. Via The Globe and Mail
  3. Shares of Halifax-based grocery retailer Empire Co. rise after beating expectations, but the company insists work needs to be done to mitigate proposed minimum wage hike. Via CTV News
  4. The Bank of Canada is working to improve communications about how it makes policy decisions to avoid unproductive market volatility. Via Business News Network
  5. Canadian banks and financial institutions are projecting how much value the loonie will gain in 2018. Via Global News

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