Federated’s Fast Five – February 10, 2017

The combination of heavy snow and car accidents in Vancouver is forcing the city to action, the changing Canadian job market is taking its toll on traditionally male careers, the new census offers a surprise for Western Canada, Scotiabank recently released a forecast on 2017 auto sales and new housing start data is out for January. Here are stories you need to know for the second week of February:

  1. With an especially snowy winter hitting the west coast, the increase in car accidents is making the City of Vancouver weigh options for drivers without snow tires. Via CTV News
  2. Studies show that male workers in Canada are increasingly facing unemployment because they are not adapting to economic trends and the changing job market. Via CBC News
  3. New census data shows that Alberta and the other western provinces are still growing despite the oil crash. Via National Observer
  4. A new report from Scotiabank forecasts lower auto sales in 2017 compared to 2016 due to higher prices for cars and light trucks. Via The Toronto Star
  5. Good news for homebuilders: with a red hot housing market across Ontario, housing starts were higher than expected for January. Via Financial Post

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