This week’s Fast Five news roundup includes the following: the total financial impact of last year’s devastating wild fire in Fort McMurray has been calculated, Ottawa is leading the way with new zoning laws to accommodate coach houses, Quebec announces the new minimum wage and schedules 3 more increases over the next 3 years, Yelp releases their list of the top 100 Canadian restaurants, and Calgary is experiencing a surge of entrepreneurship in response to economic difficulties.

1. An assessment from an economist at MacEwan University found that the total financial impact of the Fort McMurray wildfire is approximately $9.5 Billion when direct and indirect costs are included. Via Canadian Underwriter

2. With Canadian real estate having another year of record growth, more consumers are interested in microhomes and coach houses. Ottawa recently changed zoning laws to allow for coach houses on properties with existing homes. Via CBC News

3. Quebec recently announced the new minimum wage effective May 1st will be $11.25 an hour. Some small businesses in Quebec are concerned about the increased costs.   Via CBC News

4. Yelp Canada has released its list of the top 100 restaurants across the country for 2017 via GlobalNews 

5. In response to the difficult economic climate in Calgary due to lower oil prices, many Calgarians are creating their own businesses. Recent data shows that 7,376 new businesses were created in the last 12 months. Via Calgary Herald

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