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“I used to think that I bought insurance so I wouldn’t have to worry so much about Loss Prevention,” says the local business owner. “Now I realize I’d pay a lot more to know my team will never suffer an injury, that I’ll never lose an employee, or hurt anyone for that matter.” He pauses.

“That’s when I realized the value Federated Insurance is offering.”

This type of realization is what has prompted Federated Insurance to launch their “Serious About Loss Prevention” campaign (www.federated.ca/serious), which aims to highlight how Federated Insurance’s Loss Prevention programs and services can be a competitive advantage.

Consider Falco Electrical of Calgary, AB. “We were signing a lease with a landlord, but we wanted to make sure we were properly insured,” says Falco’s Gary Jubenville. “Fortunately, we called Federated Insurance’s Loss Prevention team, because their Building Valuation Survey found that our building would have been underinsured.”

That competitive advantage is also growing. Federated Insurance recently launched a consulting service that allows businesses to build a long-term relationship not just with their Risk Service Coordinator, but also with specialized Loss Prevention Consultants (LPCs) who visit regularly and provide tailored advice to help the business up the ante on safety.

In addition, LPCs now spend more time than ever doing just the kind of surveys that prevented Falco from putting their business at risk by working in an underinsured building, surveys designed to identify problems before they arise. 

As well, all of Federated Insurance’s Loss Prevention materials and programs can be accessed at the new www.federated.ca/serious website. Included there is easier access to the three flagship Loss Prevention programs: the RiskWise® comprehensive safety program (available for contractors, dealerships, and grocery stores), The Right Road® fleet management program (valuable whether you have 1 vehicle or 100), and the RecoveryWise® business disaster recovery planning tool.

As well, for a limited time, Federated Insurance clients can click over to www.federated.ca/serious and share their story of how they got “Serious About Loss Prevention” and used one of Federated Insurance’s Loss Prevention programs or services and they are eligible to receive a free “Serious About Loss Prevention” safety vest water bottle cooler. Quantities are limited, so act fast!