Richard Frost, Winnipeg (National Accounts)

Personal Consulting is a big part of what we do. In July 2011, Gus Millsap of Millsap Fuel Distributors in Saskatoon requested we show them our fleet management resource, The Right Road™. Gus was eager for us to come out and arranged for several of his management team and their outside Prudent Operations consultant to attend. They were excited to see our The Right Road™ and went out of their way to indicate there were several forms and checklists that would help them improve their current fleet management program.

Touffik Belmehdi, Laval

I'm very excited about the success I'm seeing with my consulting accounts. For instance, while working with a large tire dealer operating 10 locations, "Garage Desharnais et Fils Ltee" and their controller M. Jean Simoneau, we identified our fleet management program, The Right Road™, as a priority, even though they'd already had a fleet management program developed by an independent firm. We presented the program to M. Simoneau and one of their top managers and both attendees were very impressed by the quality and the quantity of the program's checklists, forms, policies, folders, etc. In fact, they are considering extending some of the policies, particularly those related to hiring and training, to other departments within the company. I'm proud to hear they've gotten a lot of value out of our Consulting Accounts relationship in general and The Right Road™ in particular.

Jean Forget, Mississauga

What I find good about my Consulting Accounts is that I actually have a chance to sit with the client and have a meaningful conversation about their Loss Prevention successes and their issues. While there is plenty to be gained from a regular Loss Prevention Survey, the client's usual understanding is that I'm there to walk around the building and take notes. I feel the Consulting Accounts appreciate the fact that we're there to help them and to actively partner with them in finding solutions.

For instance, Shield Fire Protection in Scarborough ON had several auto claims, so I approached them about setting up The Right Road™ fleet management program. From sitting and talking with the owner it was easy to discuss the advantages of the program and how it can benefit them, and they were onboard right away.