Prime Minister Trudeau spoke about the importance of combating climate change after the recent flooding of cities across Canada, a new bill by the Alberta government will set new standards for home builders, a leaked document shows projected hydro prices in Ontario over the next twenty years, a new bill that will impact federal construction contracts passed in the Senate and the decline in Canadian agriculture is having a ripple effect on local businesses. These are the stories we’re following for the second week of May:

  1. The Prime Minister spoke about the importance of making Canadian communities more resilient to threats of increased flooding and natural disasters due to climate change. Via CBC
  2. The Alberta government has proposed a new bill that will set standards and require licensing for home builders in the province. Via Fort McMurray Today
  3. A recently leaked document shows that hydro prices in Ontario are projected to increase substantially over the next 20 years. Via The Globe and Mail
  4. The Senate has passed the Canada Prompt Payments Act that aims to regulate payments for contractors working on federal construction projects. Via
  5. New data from Statistics Canada shows the declining number of farms will have impacts on smaller producers, equipment dealers and suppliers. Via Yahoo News

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