Business insurance in Laval

Laval is home to the Cosmodome, Canada’s only space sciences museum. It’s also home to over 10,000 other businesses. The right business insurance coverage can help these businesses protect their employees and their bottom lines from sudden setbacks, expensive damages, and costly lawsuits. Federated Insurance prides itself on providing Laval-based businesses with comprehensive and customized business insurance coverages.

Why do you need insurance for your Laval-based business?

The best way to protect your business from sudden setbacks and costly damages is to be proactive. It’s important to be prepared in case unexpected disasters cause financial damage to your business. Could your business recover from a sudden fire or a customer lawsuit? If your contracting tools and equipment were stolen from a jobsite overnight, would you be able to cover the replacement costs? That’s where Laval business insurance comes in. A comprehensive business insurance policy can help your business bounce back from the unexpected.

We’re in your area!

As a fellow business in your neighborhood, we know what it takes to keep your business up-and-running in Laval. Whether you run a retail store in Duvernay, a contracting business in Chomedey, or any other type of specialized business, we can provide you with a business insurance solution that’s catered specifically to you.

As a proactive measure to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19, all of our employees are working remotely. Please contact us by phone/email or reach out to your Insurance Agent directly.

Our Laval office is located at:

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Laval business insurance

What kind of business insurance do you need?

Information such as what specialized work your business does, what equipment you use, and how much revenue you make can all be used to determine what kind of business insurance you need. With our team of risk management and industry experts, Federated Insurance can help you build a comprehensive business insurance policy with the right coverages to protect your business. Here are just some of the coverages Federated Insurance can offer to protect Laval-based businesses like yours.

Didn’t see the coverage you were looking for?

Don’t worry! We’ve got others! Here are just some of the helpful types of insurance that can protect your business:

Comprehensive crime coverage

We insure against theft by your employees and others. This includes employee dishonesty, as well as coverage for the loss of money and securities due to robbery, burglary, hold-ups and more.

Mechanical and computerized equipment coverage

We offer equipment coverage, as well as rental reimbursement, which covers the cost of renting regular and computerized equipment if yours is damaged or breaks down. This coverage also includes a stated value for production equipment clause, which provides the cost of replacement based on the scheduled value of the production equipment.

Cyber risk and data breach coverage

Cyber risk insurance includes costs coverage for data recovery, customer breach communications and e-commerce threats.