As a contractor, you’re passionate about the tools you use. After all, for each installation or repair, contractors depend on that technology to meet the needs on the jobsite. You also need to be versatile to get the job done—whether it’s in your approach to complex projects or with the tools you use on a daily basis. And in an industry that’s changing quickly, the adoption of new technology can be the main differentiator. These latest tech gadgets can help you take your contracting projects to the next level!

Stihl TSA 230 Cutquik Saw

The TSA 230 Cutquik was developed by Stihl and is the world’s first cordless cutoff machine. The Cutquik saw is battery powered and equipped to cut steel, brick, stone, reinforced concrete, non-ferrous metal, roofing tile and more. Weighing only 12.4 lbs., the tool packs in a ton of benefits into a small machine (gas engine cutoff machines typically weigh up to 28 lbs). Cutquik also helps maintain dust in dry cutting applications with the help of a vacuum adapter and depth guide reducing dust kick-up during use.


Drones might be just a hobby for many, but they’re now being used to monitor safety compliance, inspect hard-to-reach areas and even track the progress of building sites and renovation projects. Contractors can take advantage of the high-resolution cameras and aerial view to ensure scheduling and progress—allowing projects to move faster and helping to prevent employee injuries. It’s important to keep a few things in mind before you purchase a drone including the laws for drone use, and appropriate liability insurance for tools and equipment.


The Rapidrill is a handheld drill press that was created to decrease drill times and extend the life of bits—all while being extremely lightweight, durable and providing accurate angles for drilling surfaces. Designed by steel erectors, the Rapidrill has an adjustable frame and allows a corded or cordless drill to be used in place of a magnetic drill so that you can easily attach the drill of your choice. Because the Rapidrill uses a lever and gear for pressure, it requires less effort compared to drilling by hand.


A multi-media inspection camera such as ROCAM 4 is a great tool for any contractor’s kit. As a compact, self-contained pipe and drain camera inspection system, the ROCAM can be used by contractors and technicians focusing on everything from plumbing, pipe work, or emergency maintenance. The ROCAM’s camera heads can be attached to a handheld screen and also come with a waterproof cable which helps to take a look at small spaces behind walls or other tight areas.

These are just some of the new tech tools that can have a major impact on how contractor businesses operate. Not only can adding any of these gadgets to your toolbox help mitigate losses and reduce risks, they can also make your work more efficient and effective. From smartphone apps to electronic gadgets, the use of new and innovative technology can help grow your contracting business. Stay tuned to our blog for more information and tips for contractors.

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