Between meetings, conference calls and dealing with the unexpected, staying on top of your weekly work load can be a difficult task at times. This is especially true today as our computers, smartphones and tablets demand more of our attention and easily distract us from the task at hand. Making your smartphone or tablet a tool for you to work better and smarter can be your key to success in 2016.

There’s an incredible amount of apps available for every platform and it can be overwhelming to search an online store to find the right type of app that you are looking for. Below we have outlined a number of different apps that can help you be better organized, more productive, work faster and work happier:

1. Office for Mobile

There are lots of different apps that offer similar packages to Microsoft Office: spreadsheets, word processing, presentations and e-mail. Since Office is a necessity for most office workers, using the mobile version to complement your desktop version makes the most sense. Having the ability to edit and create file on-the-go is a huge benefit.

2. Evernote

Evernote is one of the most popular apps around when it comes to easily taking notes, photos or audio files. It allows you to upload them to a cross-platform service that can be accessed from nearly anywhere.

3. Last pass

One of the most frustrating aspects of having every service at your fingertip is the need to create and remember dozens of different passwords. Last pass solves this by saving your passwords, auto-filling boxes and generating passwords.

4. Dropbox

Dropbox is the original app-based cloud storage company and their app is extremely popular with business and personal users. Dropbox isn’t all about storage; it’s also one the easiest ways to send large files that won’t fit into an e-mail attachment.

5. Pocket

Pocket lets you save articles, pictures and videos so they can be viewed off-line at a later time. Staying current on industry trends and news can be difficult, as we don’t always have time to read something valuable when we see it. Putting all that information in your pocket app ensures you can stay informed on your own time.

6. Bloom

Creating a work/life balance is important and Bloom is the type of app that caters to that need. Bloom allows you to keep track of what motivates or inspires you, set reminders to help you take small steps, and share them with friends.

The above list is just some suggestions from us to help you stay productive. If some of the apps didn’t feel right for you, it’s worthwhile to explore a different app that performs similar tasks. Depending on your needs and your budget, there is truly an app for everyone.

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