Shutting down your business at the end of the night can become habitual over time. Consider these tips on business security to help you make sure you and your employees are taking the right precautions before leaving. These tips can form part of a comprehensive checklist which can help minimize the risk of both fire and crime for your business. During the summer, you may find yourself closing for a long weekend, or leaving your business in the hands of your employees for a period of time. Creating a checklist and going through the importance of each step with your employees can ensure that everything is as it was when you left it.

9 business security tips

Turn off equipment

Ask employees to do a walkthrough of the business and check off items that should be powered off over night. This could include portable heaters, small decorative lights, cooking appliances, and other heating equipment. Doing so can help prevent any fires from getting ignited.

Store flammables and combustibles in secure locations

Ensure employees have moved any flammables or combustibles away from heating appliances in proper storage containers. These containers should be labeled clearly.

Keep storefront and sales area overnight lights on

Maintaining a well-lit interior may discourage burglars from entering. Anyone in the store will be visible from the outside, as well as any disorder they may have caused. Additional steps include keeping the store front window free of posters or merchandise allowing an unobstructed view into the store.

Exterior lighting is turned on and any burned out bulbs have been replaced

Like the interior, a well-lit exterior discourages unwanted guests the same way. Make sure that the front, side, and any back entrances to the store are illuminated.

All doors and windows are secured and locked, including any back entrances

On your checklist, make note of each door and window that employees must make certain has been secured each night.

All equipment and stock has been secured

Ask employees to slide stock away from windows and doors making it difficult for burglars to make a quick attempt at a smash and grab and move any excess stock to a locked or secure spot in the store overnight. Small steps like this can help make it more of a challenge for thieves and may help protect your stock from theft.

The cash register and other valuables have been locked away

Cash thefts are more likely when a business is closed. Have staff follow a detailed procedure when handling the cash at the end of the night. Some tips include taking a different route each time when making nightly deposits, leaving an empty and unlocked cash register, and not leaving cash or valuables in rooms that are accessible by windows or external doors.

Final walk through confirming all customers have left the store

Have employees check back rooms, stockrooms, and change rooms to guarantee that once doors have been closed, no one is left with access inside.

Security system has been turned on

There are multiple options for security systems that can help protect your business when you’re not there, from silent alarms to video surveillance. Surveillance systems can help prevent thieves from entering your premise and also alert security teams when a robbery is in motion.

Following these business security tips will help provide you with the peace of mind to confidently enjoy some well-deserved time away. Stay tuned to our blog for more tips and information on how to protect your business.


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