Types of insurance

At Federated Insurance, we think it’s important that you fully understand the business insurance options that are available to you. That way, you can make informed decisions about your coverage and ensure your bottom line is protected. Federated Insurance is proud to offer a range of coverages to help meet the needs of Canadian businesses in many sectors.

What kinds of coverages does Federated Insurance offer?

With a selection of insurance offerings, we’re confident that we have the right coverage for you – but it’s important that you first understand your options.

If your business suffers from a large fire, forcing you to close your doors for some time, which coverage will help cover your employees’ salaries and your day-to-day costs while you get back on your feet? If your business is the victim of a robbery, which coverage will help cover the costs of replacing your stolen equipment? Below, we answer these questions and more by outlining our various coverages and what they can do for a business like yours.