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No matter how good your drivers are, taking The Right Road helps them be even safer.

Not only can accidents injure drivers and third parties, they also damage vehicles, property and lead to claims and lawsuits — all of which are very expensive. While experience is the best way to improve driver safety over time, The Right Road can make your employees and business safer right away. One way of doing this is by reviewing your hiring policy to make sure you’re adding the best possible drivers to your team.

The RighRoad®

Here are some tips to consider:

In addition to your standard questions, ask about accident records, traffic violations, past employment, driving education, physical history, convictions and forfeitures.
Take this opportunity to review the job requirements, applicant’s qualifications, and clarify anything that was included in or omitted from the application form.
Check it to make sure they’re qualified to operate the type of vehicles you use.
Review all applicants’ MVRs. In fact, it’s best practice to get one for all your drivers every year to see whether they would benefit from additional training.
Always contact previous employers to verify how long applicants worked there, what they drove, their accident record, and how they worked with others. Keep a record of who you contacted, when you called and what you discussed to prove that you checked references properly.
Possibly the simplest way to find out whether a driver is right for the job. Just make sure you test them in the exact type of vehicle that would be assigned to them and make the test long enough to cover a variety of situations.
It may seem redundant if there’s a road test but the two actually complement each other well as long as you’re testing the knowledge and skills necessary to do the job properly.

The Right Road does more than just provide hiring practices. It will help you create and maintain a Fleet Management program that’s perfect for your business’ needs by providing:

  • Vehicle maintenance advice
  • Instructions for handling accidents
  • Fuel safety best practices
  • Updates on transportation industry news and best practices
  • A wealth of form templates, sample policies and other resources
So if you want to educate your drivers, reduce or even prevent accidents, cut costs and run a safer, healthier and more competitive business, then take The Right Road today.
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