When the best companies in Canada want to work with you, you must be doing something right. This year, Federated Insurance is proud to congratulate two of our clients, 4Refuel and Western Sales Ltd, on being named among Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies. In the second of this two-part series, we will share a bit more about how Federated Insurance has partnered with the latter to achieve mutual success.


When you hear about their work with Variable Rate Technology and agrologist-conducted soil testing and data mapping, you might think Western Sales Ltd has ridden the wave of innovation to the forefront of the Equipment Dealer industry in West-Central Saskatchewan. Yet while employing progressive tactics and advanced tools has played a role in this made-on-the-Prairies success story, the path to prominence has been paved with far more traditional values.

"Western Sales has built its reputation on their customer and employee focus," says Dean Davies, Federated Insurance's rep to the Rosetown, SK-headquartered company. "They’re very community-minded, supporting many different sporting groups, associations, school programs, and so on. Even their use of advanced methods is just part of a larger strategy to respond proactively to the needs of customers and diversify into new markets."

These values contributed to earning Western Sales one of the most prestigious business awards conferred in Canada: they were named one of the 50 Best Managed Companies in Canada in a Tuesday, February 22, 2011 feature in the National Post. A recent press release acknowledging the award continues to reflect the company’s roots. Said President Grant McGrath, "when you have the good fortune of working with the quality of employees and customers over the years, the actual management has not been difficult."

"We’re proud of the small part we've been able to play in the Western Sales story over the past 20 years," says Davies. "They’re members of the Canada West Equipment Dealers Association, where we're proud to partner with them in supporting the Association that represents their industry. Western Sales feels comfortable working with Federated Insurance because of our expertise, support, and commitment to Farm Equipment Dealers."

Just as Western Sales built their reputation on decidedly old-school values in spite of their new-school credibility, so Federated Insurance continues to support them with similarly old-school service, value, and loyalty. After all, those values are not just the path to success; Western Sales has shown it's how you become the best.