A beautiful blue sky hangs above the rich green trees swaying in the slight breeze at the 12th hole. The par 3 plays slightly downhill, 172 yards over a pond where a fountain’s mist releases a rainbow of colour from the pure sunlight.

The last golfer in the foursome has just teed up. He’s a buddy of yours who’s worked in your industry a long time. A little older than you, he’s using a 4-iron to get more distance. After a few practice swings, he steps up to the ball and smoothly delivers a swing sweeter than cotton candy. “Great shot,” one of the guys says right away. The white speck in the sky soars over the pond and bounces once on the fringe. “That’s got a chance…” you say. The ball rolls across the gently sloping green and…

“Did that just…?” It’s disappeared at the foot of the pin.

You excitedly tell your buddy he may have just holed it out, but he’s speechless the whole ride down the cart path. Once he gets to the green, you jump out to follow him as he has to keep himself from breaking into a trot while crossing the green. You’re a few paces behind him when he reaches the hole, looks in, and memorably yells out:

“It’s in! I got it!”

Now, imagine you’re handing him a cheque for as much as $100,000 as the tournament host or sponsor.

Imagine the buzz around your tournament if you could just boast a $100,000 hole-in-one prize.

Hole-in-one insurance is available from Federated Insurance as part of its innovative Multi-Cover. For one low price, you get a value-packed bundle of coverage that includes a $5,000 hole-in-one prize for your tournament or a tournament you sponsor.

But if you want more than $5,000, Federated Insurance’s Contact+ Insurance Network has insured Hole-in-One prizes of up to $100,000.

And regardless of whether someone has their moment of seeing the ball at the bottom of the cup after hitting that once-in-a-lifetime shot or not, offering that prize is a hit with the golfers who dream of that moment and tournament organizers alike.

To learn more about the Multi-Cover’s many cost-effective benefits including Hole-in-One Insurance, be sure to contact your local Risk Services Coordinator today.

Then get out to the links. Your own moment awaits!