Each quarter throughout 2009, Federated Insurance has been randomly awarding an iPod Touch to one client who’s participated in one of our Loss Prevention quizzes. When at the end of September the most recent name was drawn, it surprised us, too. Not the name itself - Argyll Auto Works of Edmonton, Alberta - but who they were. Argyll was the first client to jump on our RecoveryWise® Quiz way back in January, and though they hadn’t won after the first two quarters, their eagerness was rewarded when Trisha Otsig, their Federated Insurance Risk Services Coordinator, delivered their prize in November.

Trisha found the company to be Federated Insurance fans already, even before the gift. "Argyll Auto Works has been insured with Federated Insurance for just about 2 years now and they are very happy with Federated Insurance overall so far," says Trisha. "Due to our knowledge in the industry and our customer service, we have made it easy for them to choose their insurance carrier, as they are a relatively new business in Edmonton."

So what did Argyll Auto Works think of RecoveryWise®? "The owners of this business have looked into our new program RecoveryWise® online... they have intentions to [build a plan and implement it] in the near future." We’d agree - protecting your company against the financial fallout of a disaster sounds like a great New Year's Resolution - and that starts with RecoveryWise®, your business recovery planning resource, which is free to every Federated Insurance client.

For more information about getting started with RecoveryWise®, or to learn more about any of our Loss Prevention resources, contact your Risk Services Coordinator or our innovative industry-leading Loss Prevention team.