With more than 1.5 million Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) around the world, ATMs are popular target items for thieves, who can steal from customers using the machine, and in some cases, even steal the machine from its location. Physical or legal damages to your building can result from any of these situations. If you have an ATM on your premises, take precautions to protect yourself and your customers. Here are some tips to protect your property from theft:

  • Ensure your building has a monitored alarm, with both perimeter and motion detectors
  • The ATM should be firmly bolted in place and the bolts should not be easily accessible or removable
  • The ATM should be alarmed and monitored. The alarm should activate if the machine is removed from the premises or damaged in any way
  • A tracking device should be attached for easier recovery if stolen
  • You should have a secure password system in place so that an alarm sounds or a dye pack explodes if the machine is broken into
  • The area should be adequately lit and patrolled on a regular basis
  • There should be a surveillance camera(s) in place that cannot be readily removed or covered
  • You should have hold-up alarms accessible to the staff
  • If you are responsible for depositing and replenishing the money from the ATM, you should consider using a separate drop safe with a timed lock

To protect against employee theft:

  • Limit the handling of cash for the ATM to specific employees only
  • Different employees should handle the cash and reconcile the accounting records for the ATM

To protect your customers from robbery:

  • Install surveillance cameras
  • Install mirrors so customers can monitor their surroundings without revealing their PIN number

If the ATM is accessible after-hours, the following additional precautions should be implemented:

  • The area should be secured with self-closing doors and automatic locks
  • After hours, the area should be accessible using a card lock system
  • Equip the area with a telephone to allow the customer to call for help
  • Ensure the lighting is adequate for the area
  • Ensure the area is visible from the outside and from all angles