COVID-19 Resources for businesses in transportation and logistics

As the pandemic continues to evolve, check here for resources and information specific to businesses in transportation and logistics, and fuel dealers.

Resource spotlight: Key tips for infection control in the trucking industry

Whether you’re a sole owner-operator or manage a large fleet of trucks, whether local-radius or long-haul, hauling goods means navigating risk both on and off the road. And with the COVID-19 virus still spreading, there are new risks related to the health and safety of employees. Drivers are considered essential frontline workers, supporting the transportation of goods during a pandemic—including emergency relief, medical and sanitation supplies, as well as raw materials to manufacture personal protective equipment (PPE). But this also puts them at higher risk of coming into contact with COVID-19.

By its very nature, the trucking industry involves multiple interactions between drivers and other individuals, such as shippers, receivers, maintenance providers, fuel station attendants, and border officials, as well as the general public at places like truck stops, restaurants, and hotels. Since COVID-19 is still circulating, infection control is critically important—from the office to the road. While the situation is constantly evolving, there are steps that employers, fleet managers, and drivers can all take to minimize risk and stay safe.

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